Prologue end and Act 1 Start
by Chief Artificer Crumb

So! The next few pages are going to be quite heavy in detail and colour. Why? They're the last three pages of the Prologue, of course!


So, anyways, the OFFICIAL name of the Prologue is "The Devastation of Sarinas." That's what it is. Eventually going to have a "cover" for it so that it at least seems official.


Act 1 is known as THE ABYSSAN WAR!

Yeah, pretty neat, huh? There are seven chapters planned so far, but the page numbers I don't know what I'll do. I have in mind for Act 1 - Chapter 1 (A Notion Of Peace) what I want, which is showing Abaron! Yeah, I will be showing off the city-kingdom itself! Once I start hitting the actual main body of the comic, I will be updating VERY SLOW as I will be even more meticulous than I have been in the past. 6 hours will turn into three afternoons.


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